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Terms and Conditions for registering Domain Names

Internet Consulting register Domain Names for clients to use for identification on the Internet. This service is performed with Internet Consulting acting as an Agent on behalf of the client.

  • The client is responsible for supplying Internet Consulting with all the relevant ownership details that will be used during the registration process.
  • The client accepts that Internet Consulting cannot guarantee it will be able to register any requested Name(s) and that until the client is given specific confirmation of the registration the client cannot assume that registration has been effected.
  • The client agrees that the contract for registration is between the client and the relevant naming authority.
  • The client accepts full responsibility for ensuring that the registered Domain Name(s) is renewed at the appropriate time.
  • The client agrees to indemnify Internet Consulting against any legal action arising from the registration of the Domain Name(s).
  • Internet Consulting register Domain names online using the registration service of Core ISP Ltd. Internet Consulting are authorized by the client to accept the following terms and conditions of Core ISP Ltd on their behalf.

"By clicking the "I Accept" button below, you are asking FastHosts (hereafter known as 'the company') to carry out registration services on your behalf.
The company will register the domain names you have selected using the details as provided in the previous screens, we trust that these are your details, a copy of which will be kept in our files, should any disputes, legal claims, complaints regarding spamming, misuse, abuse of or mis-representation of a company, person or other third-party arise, these will be made available to all required parties in relation to settling any dispute.
It is an offence to knowingly register a name which directly infringes upon a registered trademark, company name or other such use of a name which may prevent another party who is currently operating a business using said trademark or company name with the intention of either mis-representing their product or service or to deliberately "withhold" the name in order for you to profit from the re-sale of that name to that company or individual. This is known as "cyber-squatting".
In such cases, judgement has usually been awarded in favour of the originating trademark holder, thereby forcing you to release the name to them, there is seldom recompense to yourself for the purchase of the name and in the event of the company being requested by any legal body to release the name or de-activate on a temporary or permanent basis, the company shall and will comply with said request. It will be at your discretion to challenge any pending or entered judgement. The company will not be held responsible for any financial or other such consequential losses as a direct or indirect result of such actions being taken against you."
Signed: _________________________________
Name: __________________________________
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Position in Company: _________________

Date: ___________________

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