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  • Internet Consulting Ltd is a combination of traditional marketing skills with an in-depth appreciation of Internet Technology. This expertise has been developed since the introduction of the Internet into the U.K.

  • Initially working as an Internet Service Provider at the leading edge of this new technology and then moving on to operate as an independent consultancy for companies and organisations. We combine the skills of design, programming, and marketing together with knowledge of Internet technology to offer you a practical Internet service.

  • We convert "techie speak" into plain English and link the Internet technology to good business practice. Internet Consulting Ltd offers you the direct route to using the technology in your company’s interests rather than providing a playground for techie egos. With many years practical experience in the fields of industry and commerce we are able to help you maximise the benefits of using both e-mail and website design.

  • Our team are dedicated to providing you with a service that offers more than just web design. We provide web hosting and support combined with general Internet consulting services.
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